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Celibashi: The number of participants in the elections is 48.2 percent, the final result is not given tonight – Latest News

Celibashi: The number of participants in the elections is 48.2 percent, the final result is not given tonight

The Chief State Election Commissioner in Albania, Ilirjan Celibashi, stated that the voter turnout in the elections according to the CEC data is at the level of 48.2 percent.

However, in order to find out exactly how many citizens have voted, the delivery of the material bases of the polling stations will have to be expected.

“Regarding the participation, as we have explained, the participation according to the data surveyed by the CEC are at the level of 48.2 percent. We will have the official result of the participation after receiving all the information from the polling stations “.

The fact that even though we are 4 hours behind the polls and there is still no final result, Celibashi argued that the CEC over the years has reported on turnout based on polls conducted at polling stations. The total number of participants, Celibashi said will not be given today.

“The result of the participation in terms of the total number of voters who participated, the CEC can not give today. The official result of the voting is the one that comes out after the results come out. In this 20 years, the reporting on the participation is based on polls conducted by the CEC, information provided by the polling stations at different times “, said Celibashi.

However, Celibashi acknowledged that not all polling stations have done their part in providing information on the number of participants.

“The figure you read is a figure that shows the participation in these elections, based on a methodology that has been applied in several dozen elections in Albania. The result officially comes after the election materials are submitted “, said Celibashi.

The Chief State Commissioner said that the counting of votes has started in Pustec, while adding that the submission of election materials to the counting stations is nearing completion. The process of transporting the election material base did not have any problems, according to Celibashi.

As for the counting process, Celibashi said he has no reason to stop.

“There is no question that we will continue the counting process and there is no reason for this process to be interrupted, as there are all measures to exercise their duty and they do not have any obstacles. Only if there will be obstacles of the subjective type ”./ Tvklan

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