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Citizen breaks the window of the Urban Traffic bus as he was not allowed to enter without a mask

A citizen broke the window of one of the bus drivers of line 4 of Urban Traffic in Prishtina.

As reported by Urban Traffic, he was not allowed to stay on the bus without a protective mask against COVID-19.

On 22.08.2021, the bus of “Urban Traffic” of Line 4 which was with citizens traveling in the destination from the park of Gërmia towards the city was attacked by an unconscious citizen who after not being allowed to I am standing on the bus without a mask, revolted, he got out of the bus hitting the bus and as a result, the glass was broken, the citizens and the bus staff were disturbed “, it is said in the announcement of the Urban Traffic.

This Local Public Enterprise has requested that the cases not be repeated as they have said that the measures against the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to be applied.

“Concerned about this case, we strongly condemn this attack and all vandal attacks of this kind that are on the rise during this time of pandemic. We demand that such cases not be repeated and that the attackers be brought to justice. “Measures against Covid-19 will continue to be observed in TU buses and we appeal to all citizens to wear masks and keep their distance while traveling on TU lines”, it is said at the end of the announcement.

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