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Cocaine seized yesterday in the Port of Durres, the same as that seized in Lipjan – Latest News

Cocaine seized yesterday in the Port of Durres, the same as that seized in Lipjan

Macedonian driver Nazif Ajrofsi did not say anything about his collaborators in the trafficking of 324 kg of cocaine from Macedonia to Albania and then to Naples, Italy. With an Albanian mother and father from Northern Macedonia, with a bad language of Albanian, Nazif Ajrofsi, explained to police officers that he had no knowledge of the presence of cocaine. The truck he was driving was loaded with iron rods. While he had entered Albania from the Border Point of “Qafë-Thana” and then his itinerary, was to travel in the direction of Durrës, where he would sail by ferry in the direction of Italy.

In the Albanian territory, Nazif Ajrofsi, has passed transit, while for the police and the prosecution of Durrës, there are suspicions that the narcotics may have entered the Albanian territory. The quantity of drugs was found inserted and well isolated in the spare fuel salbator, which the truck had. Whereas unlike the case of May 17, 2021, when in Lipjan, Kosovo, 400 kg of cocaine entered from the port of Durrës were seized, this time it was confirmed that the Albanian police and prosecution did not have any information about the entry of this large amount of drugs in the Albanian territory.

The Albanian police did not systematically pursue the truck from “Qafë-Thana” to Durrës, as happened in the case of tracking with agents of the truck that entered from Durrës and stayed in Lipjan. “Ora News” learns that the drugs were accidentally discovered by the procedure of scanning the truck in the Port of Durres. From the scanning of the truck, it was ascertained the packages of drugs inserted in the spare salbator of the truck. The vehicle was then subjected to a strict control procedure, leading to the detection of 324 kg of cocaine. A part of the amount of drugs seized yesterday in Durrës, is the same in packaging with the amount of drugs seized on May 17, 2021 in Lipjan, Kosovo. This is because the same logo of the Brazilian whiskey “Vleho Barriero”, was found in the packages blocked yesterday in the port of Durres.

There are many suspicions that this traffic line is organized and led by criminal groups operating in Kosovo and Serbia, which use the Albanian territory as a transit ground, in order to pass the quantities of Cocaine. It is expected that in the coming days, the Albanian police and prosecution will request in a letter the help of the authorities of Northern Macedonia and Kosovo, to learn more about this traffic line. This is the 4th amount of cocaine that can be detected and seized in the Port of Durrës./oranews

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