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Congress President: statement on local elections to be held on 21 June in Serbia

Take note that the Electoral Commission of the Republic of Serbia had resumed preparations for the planned local elections June 21st, the President of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, Anders Knapeexpressed his confidence in her state authorities to organize Democratic elections, despite the ongoing COVID19 crisis. “I depend on it Serbia’s capacity to extend best practice in the days before E-Day and guarantee that the voting is organized fully in accordance with international standards to the free and fair electionseven in difficult times, ”he explained.

“While we recognize that holding elections in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic poses significant health challenges for voters and election workers, we emphasize at Congress the crucial role of upholding fundamental democratic rights to local and regional elections Level, ”he underlined. “Health protection measures such as social distancing or special voting modalities for people in need of protection must be in accordance with the basic principles of democratic elections, above all universal, equal, free and secret voting rights,” concluded Knape.

Against the background of the current crisis, the Congress is unable to appoint an observer delegation, but will ensure a continuous dialogue with the Serbian authorities and cooperation in the implementation of the European principles of territorial self-government and democracy.

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Declaration by the President of the Congress on the local elections on June 21 in Serbia

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