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Counted 76% of the votes in Albania, SP leads with 48.76% – Latest News

76% of votes are counted in Albania, SP leads with 48.76%

When 3972 ballot boxes were counted out of 5199 in total in the country, according to the CEC update at 23:21, it turns out that 76% of the votes were counted.

The SP continues to lead as the first party with 567922 votes or 48.76%, with 73 seats.

PD-AN received 457,809 votes or 39.30%, converted into 59 seats across the country.

On the other hand, the SMI received 79,743 votes or 6.85%, converted into 5 seats in total.

Meanwhile, Tom Doshi’s PSD managed to get 25,940 votes or 2.23%, converted into 3 seats.

All other parties have failed to pass the 1% figure, failing to secure a parliamentary seat.

Compared to 2017, it turns out that the SP has dropped one mandate so far, the DP has increased 16 mandates, while the SMI has decreased by 14 mandates, and the PSD has increased by one mandate./oranews

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