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Vesa Luma makes children easier than pies

Vesa Luma today shared with her on Instagram the step-by-step process of preparing spinach pie, which is a very difficult thing for her.

The singer does not seem to be successful in the kitchen, as she has been in the music and art scene.

She points out that she is trying to make a spinach pie because every time she tried it, she failed.

“The spinach drink started (after 3 failures, I hope this time I succeed… Nana, mother-in-law, sisters and aunts have blocked my story today…

I did not give up, with tears in my eyes we continue on.

Ty Lian (you addressed her son) I made you easier than the pit .. “Vesa wrote in the inscriptions of each step, letting us know that she took it very seriously, to successfully complete this goal that she has set vetes.

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