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Czech Republic wants Kosovo in EU, expects new government to resume dialogue with Serbia soon – Latest News

The Czech Republic loves Kosovo in the EU, expects from the new government a quick resumption of dialogue with Serbia

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Donika Gërvalla, held a meeting today with the Czech Ambassador to Kosovo, Pavel Bilek, where the relations between the two countries were assessed, showing the readiness for their further advancement.

The Minister informed the Ambassador about the efforts of the Kosovar executive in dealing with the pandemic, wishing that both countries pass this period with as few consequences in people, given the fact that both Kosovo and the Czech Republic are facing high numbers of infected with COVID-19, the MFA announced through a press release, reports Zeri.info.

She said that the goal of the new government remains the best possible management of the situation with the pandemic and the provision of the necessary amount of vaccines for the citizens of Kosovo as soon as possible.

The meeting also discussed the political developments in the country and the process of closing the constitution of the institutions resulting from the February 14 elections.

Further, Minister Gërvalla emphasized that she hopes for the support of the Czech Republic in the process of visa liberalization, as well as that of European integration.

Meanwhile, in the field of bilateral cooperation, Minister Gërvalla said that she expects such cooperation to extend to the field of economy, education, culture and trade exchange.

Ambassador Bilek, for his part, said that the Czech government “supports the EU enlargement process and the membership of the Western Balkan countries, including Kosovo.”

“He also expressed confidence that the new government of Kosovo will soon begin the process of internal reforms, especially in the field of rule of law and economy. “During the talks on Kosovo-Serbia relations, Pavel Bilek stressed the need to soon continue the dialogue between the countries after the complete formation of the new institutions of Kosovo,” the Czech embassy quoted its chief, Pavel Bilek, as saying. / Voice /

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