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Daut Haradinaj with his program aims at the radical change of Prishtina

Pristina mayoral candidate Daut Haradinaj continues to surprise with his campaign in the capital. Finally, on his Facebook profile, Haradinaj has made public his program for Pristina.

Haradinaj said that this plan has been carefully worked out by experts in each field, to bring change to the citizens in the management policy, strategy and re-functionalization of Pristina.

Among other things, Haradinaj said that he will be open to citizens 24/7, cooperating with them for a dignified capital.

We recall that Haradinaj’s program has been positively evaluated by various opinion leaders and experts in our country. Meanwhile, Haradinaj himself is being evaluated as a serious candidate for mayor of Pristina. In the latest poll in the country, he turned out to be among the most voted alongside opponents.

Attached is the link where you can see every day Haradinaj’s activity and plan for Pristina.

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