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Ekrem Hyseni presents this system “Podujeva for everybody” (Video)

The candidate for mayor of Podujeva from the Democratic League of Kosovo, Ekrem Hyseni has presented the program “Podujeva for all”, a program that affects every field and is built on the basis of the demands and needs of the citizens of Llapja.

He says that he has taken the responsibility to return the LDK to where it belongs, but that he is not alone in this journey, as he is with his family and all the citizens of this municipality.

“With all of you we will realize all my ideas related to our city which are the reform of primary health care, quality market-oriented education, the application of solutions for urban regulation and clean air and the implementation of strategies innovative, to support the economy and agriculture. “Furthermore, we will empower and activate our youth in the labor market, we will support our athletes and artists, we will give the deserved place to our historical and cultural heritage”, he said.

He has vowed to govern for all the same, giving an account to all the citizens of Podujeva.

“It is applicable in practice, real and designed according to the budget possibilities of the municipality. LDK160 “, he wrote.

Meanwhile, he also gave many details about his program which you can watch in the video below.

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