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Drita Osmani, the woman who “threatened” Albin Kurti if he does not work well for the state – Latest News

Drita Osmani, the woman who

Mrs. Drita Osmani is pleased that Prime Minister Albin Kurti has remembered her words.

“If they worked for the people and for the state, you will always have our support. “If you work for your pigs, we leave you like these others”, Drita Osmani declared in front of Kurti in Ferizaj.

Disappointed by the politics of the last 20 years, Ms. Osmani lives with the hope that things will change for the better.

“I was surprised that Kurti remembered my words because I was not the only one who asked for change. I am very confident that Albini and Vjosa will make drastic changes in Kosovo. We are nowhere with justice, economy, education and we are nowhere with anything “, Drita Osmani declares for RTV Dukagjini.

She recounted some details from the meeting with Albin Kurti and Vjosa Osmani during the last campaign.

“I was in town and I saw that there was a crowd of people. I asked what was happening and they told me that Albini and Vjosa had come. I said yes, I want to give you a message “, she further says, Telegrafi reports.

Mrs. Drita then gave the message about Kurti and Osmani that was broadcast in all media.

Drita Osmani, hopes that in the coming days I will meet once again the Prime Minister of the country Albin Kurti.

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