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Ermal Hoxha pulls out his middle finger at the wedding, Rezarta Shkurta reacts

One week ago, Rezarta Shkurta and Ermal Hoxha ended their “bachelorhood”.

The couple after 17 years of romance decided to finally crown their love in marriage.

They organized a private ceremony with family and loved ones, while Rezarta said “Yes” to the father of her daughter, Hera.

The singer posted the beautiful moments of the ceremony on Instagram, as it draws attention to one of the spicy moments.

Rezarta was filming Ermal as she was getting ready to burn her bachelorhood headscarf, but her husband “repented”, wrapping her up and laughing and pulled out her middle finger.

“Taxes another wedding until you burn that bachelor handkerchief”, wrote Rezarta Shkrurta in the video she shares on Instastory.

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