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Greater than 50 in hospital after an ammonia wagon overturned close to Pirot, faculties and kindergartens are closed

14 patients were admitted to the University Hospital Nis

13 patients injured during an accident with an ammonia spill in the vicinity of Pirot – 12 adults and one child – were treated at the Emergency Center of the University Medical Center Nis, Tanjug was told this morning at University Medical Center Nis.

According to reports, one patient with chest injuries was admitted to the Anesthesia Clinic, one with heart problems to the Cardiology Clinic, one child was admitted to the Children’s Internal Medicine Clinic, four patients were under observation until morning, and six were discharged home. treatment.

In addition, one child was admitted directly to the Children’s Internal Clinic after being treated at the hospital in Pirot, so that a total of 14 patients were admitted to the entire University Hospital Nis.

In more detail

Traffic diversion from the highway near Pirot and Bela Palanka

Due to the suspension of traffic on the E-80 highway, due to an accident with ammonia, on the section of the Pirot Zapad interchange – Bela Palanka interchange and on the Pirot – Bela Palanka state highway, traffic is being diverted from the highway, reported the Automobile Association of Serbia.

Traffic from the highway is being diverted as follows:

– vehicles coming from the direction of Niš use the exit on the Pirot East junction,

– vehicles coming from the direction of the Gradina border crossing use the Bela Palanka turn-off, and are still directed to the alternative route Bela Palanka – Pirot, via Ponor.

In more detail

Fifty-one people were hospitalized in the Pirot hospital due to symptoms of ammonia poisoning. Another eight housed in the University Hospital Nis. An appeal was sent to the locals not to go outside. One person died in the hospital in Pirot, but there is no confirmation that the cause of death was ammonia poisoning.

The Pirot emergency headquarters advises citizens to avoid drinking water from springs and public taps, while the Bela Palanka municipality emergency headquarters ordered not to use tap water for drinking and cooking.

The water supply of Niš is not threatened, the city administration announced. For preventive reasons, the water factory in Niš was turned off, as well as the pouring of water from the source of Medijana.

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