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“Guxo” splits, Ferizaj branch registers with the CEC as “We Dare” – Latest News

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The “Guxo” list, formed by the already president Vjosa Osmani, has changed its name in the municipality of Ferizaj for the local elections in October, reports Zeri.info.

This branch announces that they have applied to the CEC with the appointment “We Dare”.

“Dear collaborators, activists and voters of the Guxo list. We inform you that today we have applied to the CEC for registration of the civic initiative which we have named” WE DARE “, through which we will run in the municipal elections in Ferizaj”, it is said in notification of this branch.

This branch, already as a new civic initiative, emphasizes that this decision came after numerous requests from membership and activists.

“With this name we will compete in the elections after the name” Guxo “was banned at the CEC by those who did not dare to enter the local elections with this name. This decision came after numerous requests from our wide membership and activists. “who are determined to continue the path of the historic President Dr. Ibrahim Rugova and the right-wing political orientation inherited from him”, it is further stated in this announcement.

The young “brave” say they support Kurti and Osmani in their current posts, but do not support the deputies or ministers who, according to them, “abandoned the promises made in the election campaign”.

“We strongly support Prime Minister Kurti and President Osmani for the excellent work they are doing, but we will never support the deputies or ministers who abandoned the electorate and the promises made in the election campaign. We will always remain close to our voters and activists. “We will continue to support those politicians and leaders who work for the good of the city and the state,” the statement concluded.

This split came after the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Donika Gërvalla and other officials of this list, days ago said that they will compete in the local elections in October, as well as in the last parliamentary elections, with the Vetëvendosje Movement.

But, the members of the “Guxo” list in Ferizaj, dissatisfied with the decision of the center, not wanting to compete with LVV in the October 17 elections, from today have created their initiative called “We dare”, which also have applied to register it with the CEC. / Voice

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