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Occasions of July 13th

The Union of Tax Administration Workers of Kosovo starts the strike after the rejection of their requests by the Minister of Finance, terminating all services for taxpayers. (The strike starts at 9: 00-12: 00)

The Committee on Agriculture, Forestry, Rural Development, Environment and Spatial Planning and Infrastructure is holding a winding meeting where experts and working groups are expected to be appointed to oversee the laws. (Assembly Building, room N302, time 10:00)

The Public Finance Oversight Committee reviews the audit report on the annual financial statements of the Ministry of Local Government Administration for 2020. Invited by the Minister of MLGA, Elbert Krasniqi. (Assembly Building, room N506, time 10:00)

The Institute for Development Policy (INDEP) and in partnership with the United Nations Team in Kosovo (UNKT) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, organizes the “Dialogue on Food Systems”. (Hotel Sirius, time 10:00)

The Municipal Assembly of Podujeva holds an extraordinary meeting. (Meeting room, time 10:00)

The Minister of Economy, Artane Rizvanolli reports to the Committee on Economy, Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade on the plan of this ministry for 2021. (Assembly Building, room N10, time 11:00)

Opre Roma Kosova organizes “Proud Roma in a Free Kosovo”, which is part of the transnational campaign in more than 15 European countries in the context of future population censuses. (Emerald Hotel in Prishtina, time 11:30)

The organization Let Do It Peja inaugurates the project SEREC- Promotion of the Regional Economy as a Sustainable Model for the Development of Social Entrepreneurship, in Peja. (School of Arts – Odhise Paskali “St. William Walker, Peja, time 12:00)

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