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“He does not deserve this public contempt”

Cindy in tonight’s episode of “Match” had a heated debate with Julin.

It all started with a video, in which Juli had cursed the moment Cindy’s name was mentioned.

But, he said the swearing was not for him but for the phone, so he refused to apologize to Cindy.

The contestant burst into tears on the show and left the stage, and Elvis recently reacted to this.

By means of a long status, he says it is disgusting how in a studio everyone is silent and did not say a word while publicly supporting Cindy.

“It is disgusting to the extreme, to see how in a production with such an audience and responsibility, serious insults are justified and anti-values ​​are supported, you who are there, how do you agree to be present and not say a word or two if Cindy “, if anyone else, that he deserves this public contempt, in a show that is claimed to represent the Albanian youth”, wrote Loco./Kosovarja/

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