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High 5 Causes to Divorce: Fraud is barely in third place

Divorce should be the last and most difficult decision that dissatisfied spouses make about their marriage.

There are some culprits who announce that the marriage will end and here are the 5 most common reasons for divorce.

1. Insufficient commitment

Almost three-quarters of respondents, more precisely 73% of couples, stated that the main culprit for the breakdown of their marriage was insufficient commitment to marriage as a community.

A large number of respondents, especially newly divorced, have admitted that today they regret not being upset about their partner or marriage.

2. Arguments

More than half (56%) mentioned this reason for divorce. Arguments that lead to divorce most often occur due to misunderstanding of the partner, disrespect or simply lack of inclination to consider the opposite opinion.

It is not just about daily shots for children, about money or family disputes, but also about serious things that have been deposited for years, so that sometimes they have to come to the surface.

3. Fraud

Although many think this may be the most important reason for divorce, infidelity is in third place and is mentioned by 55 percent of couples.

Experts warn that affairs, especially those that last more than one night, usually start as innocent friendships and companionship, namely emotional deception, which very often ends in physical.

4. Premature marriage

About 46 percent of couples admitted that age or immaturity is one of the reasons for the breakdown of their marriage. And statistics show that more than half of teenage marriages end during the first 15 years. The reason is the crazy, youthful passion, which with the appearance of the first problems and obstacles in life grows into dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction.

5. Inequality of spouses

44 percent of divorced respondents found that the main reason for divorce was inequality in marital union and most of them were women.

Unequal division of family obligations and responsibilities with disrespect for the wishes and needs of other people after some time leads to dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction.

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