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High number of “zero-zero” car sales in Kosovo – Latest News

High number of

In Kosovo, the mania to have a new car is growing every day.

“Marakli të kerreve” is one of the most attractive Albanian groups on Facebook with nearly 100,000 followers.

Car mania is evident on the streets of Kosovo, where you can easily spot the newest cars in the world market. This increases even more in the holiday season, when emigrants land who follow the same mania.

One of the shows derived from “Marakli te kerreve”, DriveZone, has published the number of new cars sold only during the period May-July 2021. There are neither less nor more than 1221 cars.

The brand that emerges as the best-selling is the “disease” of Kosovo Albanians, Volkswagen with 158 cars. It is followed by Skoda with 133, Dacia with 130, Suzuki with 111, Renault with 110, Toyota with 87, Kia with 81, Peugeot with 67 cars sold, and then comes the Mercedes of the Albanians of Albania with 44 new cars. Well-known brands such as BMW and AUDI, are 28, respectively 27 cars sold zero-zero. The latter is just a Jaguar car.

One of the phenomena seen now in Kosovo is the purchase of new economic cars through loans and great payment opportunities, making them happy and not immediately with an empty pocket./ZERI/

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