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History of clashes between cousins ​​Daka and Osmani – Latest News

History of clashes between cousins ​​Daka and Osmani

They come from the same city, even among themselves are cousins.

But, these two common elements did not prevent President Vjosa Osmani from dismissing the chairwoman of the Central Election Commission, Valdete Daka, reports Klan Kosova.

This first decision of the country was announced months ago when she was only acting President.

At that time, the reason for this conflict between the two was the non-certification of some political parties to run in the February 14 elections, including Vetëvendosje, part of the list of which he was himself.

But the conflict may have started much earlier when the head of state set the date for the snap elections, while urging Daka not to complain.

The latter later stated that the president should also consult with him regarding the setting of election day, and not only with the parties.

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