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Homeland ‘ironizes’ with Antonella after the strong statement about Mevlani

Homeland has two words after the unexpected situation that happened today in “Match”.

Friday’s episode of “Match” was full of surprises and this was initially due to Antonella’s statement.

Antonela at the beginning of the show announced that she is withdrawing from Mevlani, in order to let him know Lediana.

As she was talking about her feelings towards him, she burst into tears and said that she loves him very much, but is withdrawing so that Mevlani can be happy.

After all this, Atdheu reacted through a post on Instagram, where it ‘bites’ Antonella with a few words.

“1. I always get what I want.

2. Kiss what you “do not love”

“What you love, I only let because I love happy”, he wrote, and accompanied it with some emojis laughing.

Otherwise, Atdheu recently announced that he has finally left the show, during an opera of the last episodes, he announced that he had kissed Antonella outside the show, while she said that he did it against her will. / News

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