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Hoxhaj from Suhareka: To show the ache for our comrades in The Hague into delight by voting for PDK

The chairman of PDK, at the same time the candidate for prime minister, Enver Hoxhaj held an electoral rally in Suhareka, where he spoke in front of the citizens of this municipality about the Recovery Plan.

There Hoxhaj pledged a fund of 1 billion euros to exit the crisis caused by the pandemic and 500 million euros of support for businesses.

“Our first priority is economic development, supporting the economy in small enterprises, medium enterprises, large enterprises, in a fund which is worth 1 billion euros. We can not increase the territory of Kosovo, but we can increase the economy of Kosovo, we can increase the welfare of Kosovo, we can increase the number of employees in Kosovo, so I know the first week, the first month, the first 100 days “Better than anyone else what should be done to get the country out of the economic and political crisis in which the two failed governments, Kurti and Hoti, have plunged,” he said.

Hoxhaj demanded that the pain for the absence of Thaçi and Veseli be turned into pride for PDK, voting strongly on February 14.

“Despite the pain we have for our friends who are not in Theranda today, who are not in Kosovo today, but are in The Hague, let us return the pain to pride. “And I invite you here in Theranda as I invite every citizen of Kosovo everywhere in Kosovo to translate the pain with pride and the pain turns into pride by voting strongly for the Democratic Party of Kosovo which will win the elections on February 14”, has said Hoxhaj.

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