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Lončar introduced WHEN EXACTLY NEW MEASURES WILL BE INTRODUCED: The system is overbooked, a document variety of receipts is recorded

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– I’ll listen to the profession. With the new measures, we will come out in a day or two – he said.

Photo: Nikola Andjic / Tanjug

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He warned that a record number of admissions of covid patients is still being recorded.

According to him, the Clinical Center of Serbia is looking for a solution to turn another of the clinics into a kovid hospital.

“The system is not about to be fired, it is overbooked,” Loncar emphasized and added that another 500 places have been provided for covid patients in Belgrade, reports Mondo.

The meeting followed another difficult day for Serbia. According to the latest report, 13,008 citizens were tested for the corona virus in Serbia, of which 3,341 were positive. 19 patients died, while there are currently 151 patients on respirators in hospitals across the country.

“The situation in Belgrade is difficult”

Loncar emphasized that the situation in Belgrade is very difficult and that there is almost no free bed for covid patients in the capital.

Last night, the Serbian Parliament adopted amendments to the Law on Protection of the Population from Infectious Diseases, which is the legal framework for measures and procedures which, according to the authorities, will better keep corona virus epidemics under control and prevent major negative consequences.

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