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I’ll inform my grandchildren how I beat the perfect tennis participant

Currently the 33rd tennis player on the ATP ranking list, he made a big surprise and achieved the most significant victory in his career.

“I’m happy with how I played and how I got into the match. I felt really good. You can never be very confident when you play such a big match against Novak. This is a really big win. I’m thrilled to go further, especially because I’m had a break minus in the second set. I also had some difficulties in the first set, but in the end I still have to be very satisfied, “said the Briton.

Although he lost 3-0 in the second set, Evans managed to make a turnaround.

“The most important thing is that you have to believe in yourself that you can win. I have to admit that I doubted myself a little, because it’s not easy to serve in difficult, decisive moments. Everything goes through your head then, but I’m lucky I won.” “After the tournament, I will be able to tell my children and grandchildren how I beat the best tennis player in the world,” Evans concluded.

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