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Artists who became famous ‘overnight’ speak to their colleagues who have been on stage for years

They appear on TV, magazines and participate in prestigious events where they seem to have always been famous, in reality many celebrities have spent years waiting for their success to come.

But now apparently it is time for young artists who managed to show us that we can become famous ‘overnight’.

Don Johnny, Tayna, Melinda, Bardhi are just some of the singers who have proven that there is no “right” age to become successful and that you have to follow your goal no matter the years.

However, it is a question of their fate or talent, the singers who have been on stage for years can best talk about this, the well-known Albanian rapper, Capital T, in a statement for GazetaBlic said that luck and talent go together, so without each other neither do.

“However, in addition to this, without a doubt, the management also plays a big role, where they know best how to promote their artists, without ignoring social networks”, said Capital T.

The well-known and much loved singer for the Albanian public, Ermal Fejzullahu, also spoke for GazetaBlic, who said that he feels very happy that the artists are achieving success in a short time.

“I do not want to judge them because by chance no one can succeed, I just wish you good luck and this success in the long run,” said Fejzullahu.

Contacted by GazetaBlic for his opinion, the rap artist of the label ‘Pint’, Lyrical Son, did not hesitate to answer, where he said that great success depends on luck and talent, both combinations./Blic/

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