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Kim recalls “Skanderbeg”: US will be with you as you undertake difficult tasks – Latest News

Kim recalls Illustrative Photo

The American Ambassador, Yuri Kim, has once again praised the good relationship between our two peoples, American and Albanian.

Speaking at the NATO military arsenal exhibition as part of “Defender 2021”, Kim said that the US stands by the Albanian people for a democratic, independent and strong Albania.

“The relationship between Americans and Albanians should be valued above all else.” Defender Europe 2021 “comes as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the end of the communist dictatorship, the beginning of democracy in Albania and the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between the US and Albania. stand with you with your just request for an independent and free Albania, we stand with you today with strong support and full solidarity for a democratic, independent and strong Albania “.

“We will continue to stay with you,” Kim continued, “as you undertake the difficult tasks that are needed in order for Albania to reach its full potential.”

According to the diplomat, these tasks are difficult but not impossible.

But even if they were impossible, Yuri Kim said if there is anyone who can challenge the difficulties it is the Albanian people.

“You have done this throughout history from time to time. I am really touched to stay here in Albania and I can see the light in the” Skanderbeg “square on the statue of your Hero, who should be a hero for all of us because he is a “I am proud to be here with you today, tomorrow, tomorrow, side by side forever,” said Kim.

The event in “Mother Teresa” Square was greeted by Prime Minister Rama and President Ilir Meta./oranews

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