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KOVID PASSES 24 HOURS? We are going to quickly discover out the ultimate determination, here is what it is dependent upon!

27. 12. 2021.

KOVID PASSES 24 HOURS? We will soon find out the final decision, here’s what it depends on!

A new session of the crisis headquarters is scheduled for tomorrow at 4 pm, and one of the main topics will be omicron, a new strain of the corona virus that has arrived in Serbia and is greatly plaguing Europe and the world. Because of him, many countries have already introduced more restrictive measures and closures.


Photo: Tanjug / Tara Radovanović, TV Pink Prinstcreen

Domestic experts are closely following the corona figures on a daily basis, and if Omicron starts to run wild in Serbia, there is every chance that we will welcome restrictive measures on the eve of the New Year’s Eve!

Epidemiologist prof. Dr. Branislav Tiodorović, a member of the crisis staff, said recently that the profession has a unified position that more restrictive measures must be applied and that kovid passes last 24 hours.

– However, let’s be realistic, in the economic and political environment in which we are and with how we behave, in terms of those public appearances, whether it is correct to apply restrictive measures only to catering facilities. And if we are aware that we are part of Europe, we are surrounded on all sides by this virus. We must have had this virus before the diagnosis – said prof. Dr. Tiodorović.

Photo: TV NEWS

He also said that the existing measures, such as wearing masks, distances, washing hands, have never been abolished in Serbia or in the world.

– We will have to try to recommend that everyone who is indoors, but also in the squares, that those people also use masks because they will be in a big crowd, that is an important prevention. This is the moment, since the situation is calmer, for vaccination, that is the only way out – Prof. pointed out. Dr. Tiodorović.



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