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Kurti pays homage to the grave of Professor Ejup Statovci – Latest News

Kurti pays homage in front of the grave of Professor Ejup Statovci

On the 24th anniversary of the student protests and in honor of the work of Professor Ejup Statovci, Prime Minister Albin Kurti laid wreaths and paid homage in front of his grave.

In memory of the peaceful student protest of October 1, 1997, Kurti, together with the family of Professor Statovci, honored the former rector of the University of Prishtina, director of the self-organized Albanian university and intellectual who led the 1997 protests.

“Evoking memories of the 1990s, of active resistance and the struggle for freedom, he was praised as a resistance academic and resistance lawyer, who was at the forefront of the university in 1991, when he had to resume as an independent from the Serbian occupiers.” after the expulsion from the official facilities of the University of Prishtina “, it is said in the press release. / Voice

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