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Laçi loses in Podgorica, Mazrekaj misses the penalty – Latest News

Laçi loses in Podgorica, Mazrekaj misses the penalty

July 07, 2021 – 00:06


Laçi lost 1-0 the first match against Pogdorica in the Conference League.

The Whites did not manage to come out with a result from this transfer and will play the qualification in the return match, despite the fact that in 90 minutes in total they were higher than the Montenegrins.

Everything was decided by an 11-meter scored by Vujovic in the second half, in front of a Laçi who could not use the cases of the first half, while at the time limit he lost an 11-meter with Mazrekaj. The Whites from the beginning had a chance to take the lead, but buying this summer, Zarubica failed to send the ball to the bottom of the net.

The match, however, was balanced and in the second half started better for the locals who were able to take the lead in the 57th minute with Vujovic who did not make a mistake from the penalty spot. The efforts of the Kurbins seemed to be rewarded at the end of the match but initially it was Veliaj who in the 93rd minute saw the goalkeeper deny the goal while in the 95th minute Mazrekaj made an 11-meter mistake not being able to score the equalizer, with Laçin who in return will now be forced to seek victory.

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