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Official: Azem Bejta leaves Drenica without 18 years – Latest News

Official: Azem Bejta leaves Drenica without 18 years

July 07, 2021 – 00:24


The most football player in Kosovo football, Azem Bejta, has left the Drenica team after 18 years, reports Zeri.info.

Bejta has been activated as a defender in the team from Skenderaj.

He has made a great contribution to the “red and black” team

The news was confirmed by Bejta on the social network Facebook.

Besides him, several other football players have left Drenica this summer.

Post i asthma Bejta pa INTERFERENCE IN Facebook

After 18 years of defending the coat of arms of the best club, the Red and Black club, the most difficult day in my sports career has come. I am leaving thanking you for everything.

You know that I have been in love with this club and this has not changed in both good times and bad times.

This club has grown me as a person, has helped me to become the one I have always wanted, to become a footballer of Kf Drenica.

Today I want to thank my teammates, coaches and club presidents. Thank you dear fan for traveling with me.

Thank you, all for all. I will never forget you, I will always be a fan of the best club Kf Drenica. You can always count on me.

Thank you. /Zeri.info

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