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Occasions of July seventh

The Assembly of Kosovo holds a plenary session. (Assembly of Kosovo, time 10:00)

US General Wesley Clark visits the Ministry of Defense where he will be received with high military honors by the ceremonial unit of the KSF. After the meeting, Minister Armend Mehaj and General Clark will hold a press conference. (Ministry of Defense, time 10:00)

The Mayor of Gjilan, Lutfi Haziri, receives the Mayor of Presevo, Ardita Sinani. (Office of the Mayor Gjilan, time 10:00)

The Kosovo Agricultural Development Initiative (IADK) inaugurates the new facility of food processing units and the vocational training program at IADK. (Sfaraçak i low, Vushtrri. 11: 00-13: 00)

The National Democratic Institute (NDI) through the Zoom platform launches the report on gender assessment “Democratic deficit in Kosovo: Full participation of women”. The main speakers at the event will be Vjosa Osmani, President of Kosovo, Saranda Bogujevci, Deputy Speaker of the Assembly of Kosovo. (Hotel “Swiss Diamond”, conference room Dyar, from 14:00 to 15:00)

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