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Leaked files expose London’s cloak-and-dagger scheming to secure the permanent divorce of Kosovo from Serbia — RT Op-ed

Documents have revealed Whitehall’s multimillion-dollar involvement in efforts to increase support for the national government of Kosovo among Serbs, proving yet again that Britain cannot resist flexing its neo-colonial muscles.

In September 2020, Pristina and Belgrade agreed to normalize economic relations in what the mainstream media called historic. However, the deal failed to resolve the many serious questions that have loomed over the future of Kosovo since the controversial declaration of independence from Serbia in 2008.

The main point of contention is four northern communities in which ethnic Kosovar Serbs make up the majority of the population. Although nominally part of the emerging state, the quartet remains de facto under Serbian rule. Both a division and a land swap have been discussed intensively at the highest level in recent years, although the Kosovar Prime Minister Albin Kurti is currently not making any territorial concessions to Belgrade.

Pristina is supported in this intransigence by a number of Western countries, including Great Britain, which played a pivotal role in the 1999 NATO bombing that defeated Serbian forces from most of Kosovo. Recently leaked files make it clear that London is trying to quit the job, not with brute force but through manipulation, under the guise of collaborative bridge building.

It is titled “Strengthening Positive Peace in Kosovo and Serbia” and costs £ 5 million between 2020 and 2022. It aims to increase the support of the national government of Kosovo among Serbs, to question “identity-based narratives” and to achieve “social change at the national level” – in other words, to reduce tensions between local peoples and everyone Diminish notion of differences between them.

“Communities in Kosovo and Serbia will be more resilient to divisive or conflict-generating narratives, which will lose their meaning in mainstream discourse, and will play an active civic role to highlight cooperation and development for all parts of their societies,” the project proposal said. Theory of Change ”it says.

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Noble ambitions in theory, although coupled with previously leaked Foreign Office files relating to covert activities targeting Russophones in the Baltic states, the interpretation that it is ultimately a matter of forcing ethnic Serbs in Kosovo to leave their motherland to leave and accept them now and forever to be guests in an ‘independent’ foreign land is amply empowered.

As in the Baltic States, Whitehall specifically aimed to “involve” the youth of Kosovo in various activities and programs as “agents of change”, strengthening their ability to become “social entrepreneurs” and “across ethnic boundaries for relevant social issues to advertise and work for it ”. Of particular interest were young citizens who were “unable to emigrate”, presumably because of their unemployment and lack of opportunities to get involved.

“National and regional media channels and social media influencers” are also being recruited to “promote alternative narratives” and “reinforce the models and successes of the project, promote alternative narratives, disseminate locally driven narratives through credible change agents”. [and] Influencer ”and mobilize the participation of young people in local projects.

To underscore the grim nature of the “Peace” initiative, a separate section in a file outlines the tremendous efforts that would be made to disguise UK involvement and publicly misrepresent that it is in the effort was a purely local matter.

All participating organizations and their staff should sign confidentiality agreements and, if requested, be “instructed and instructed” on “how to represent project funding”, although only staff at the highest levels would have any inkling of London’s hidden hand. No internal or external communications should mention or brand Whitehall, and staff operating social media platforms associated with the project would be careful to geotag posts in the “target population area” rather than their actual location.

In addition, social media advertising should be “carefully calibrated to ensure that growth is perceived as organic and not as a result of external funding”, with constant monitoring of “social media, traditional media and local interlocutors” to “understand how the target group (s) perceive project channels [and] identify a link between the project and the UK government or other donors. ”If the cover is exposed, an evacuation plan – including“ measures to remove or destroy data, including hard drives ”- will be initiated immediately.

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Quite a ruse, but then Whitehall has every reason to cover up his real role – if the Serbs got wind of it, they’d understandably be suspicious of the real aims of the venture. However, should anyone be able to object to the project or any other covert British action in the Balkans, they could be in big trouble shortly.

A separate leaked file relating to a “rule of law initiative” by the National Security Council’s Stabilization Unit makes it very clear that London will not tolerate high-level opposition to its agenda for the region and will willingly take active action to neutralize any resistance.

“In contexts where elite incentives are inconsistent with our goals / values ​​… an approach that seeks to hold elite politicians accountable may be needed,” the document reads weird but threateningly.

To this end, the unit planned to “build relationships and alliances with those who share our goals and values ​​for reform” by funding and “mentoring” an alliance of indigenous NGOs and civil society organizations to “hold local governments accountable” and “to arrange”. the program with the stated goals. ”

In other words, cultivating an army of Trojan horses to lobby, defame, fight against and, if necessary, bring down disruptive regional governance actors. The constellation of media organizations scattered across the Balkans, funded and trained, if not secretly created, by Britain – some of which were recently revealed by this journalist – could prove effective in this endeavor as well.

It may also be significant that a secret document on the strengthening of the Pristina judiciary surprisingly reveals that Whitehall is playing an intimate role in the training and appointment of Kosovar judges and prosecutors due to his dissatisfaction with previous appointments. Could this power also have an impact on Balkan politicians who are insufficiently conducive to London’s machinations?

One cannot help but be reminded of Brazil’s infamous Operation Lava Jato (car wash), a fake anti-corruption psyop in which a seedy group of US-led rights activists conspired to target anti-imperialist political figures such as popular former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, on completely false accusations.

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The act also refers to the 2013 Brussels Agreement, which once integrated parallel Serbian and Kosovar police, security and legal structures in the would-be republic and established the composition of their national and local judicial bodies in proportion to the population. This seems to confirm that London is also influencing their membership and guaranteeing that representatives of both ethnicities are fully subordinate to their goal of achieving the complete and permanent separation of Kosovo from Belgrade.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s grandiose post-Brexit plans for a “global Britain” have been widely viewed as a fantastic, dangerous and ill-fated attempt to restore the empire’s long-lost glory days. However, these leaked files make it clear that the sun has never actually set – it’s just that the dominance of far-flung lands is now being insidiously maintained, through clandestine infiltration of civil society at all levels, unknown, invisible and without the consent of either your own Population of Great Britain as well as citizens of all countries in Whitehall’s neo-colonial crosshairs.

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