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Ledri and Poem Blu made the sweetest gift to Geraldine

Ledri and his daughter have made a thoughtful gift to Poem’s grandmother.

Ledri and Sara Hoxha are one of the most beloved couples of the Albanian public.

They are both now the parents of little Poem Blu, who stole the heart of the Albanian people.

Poem Blu’s parents have now opened an Instagram account for her and are quite active with various posts.

Finally Ledri was the one who came up with a nice surprise for Grandma Geraldine.

He custom-made a gift on behalf of the little girl.

Ledri has given Jerry a pillow in the name of Poem Blu, on which are written some very sweet words.

“Grandma, whenever you are not close to me, hug this pillow!”, Are the words written in the gift made./ News

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