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HAS THE CENTER FOR SOCIAL WORK IN BLAC EXCEEDED ITS AUTHORITIES ?! Minister Dmitrović spoke in regards to the case of the Dačević household

On that occasion, Minister Ratko Dmitrović had a series of talks today with expert associates from the Ministry and outside it, and a very detailed report was received from the scene, the statement said, adding that the ministry is monitoring the situation hour by hour.

“It will be determined whether and to what extent the employees of the Center for Social Work exceeded their authority, whether there are elements of disciplinary, misdemeanor and criminal responsibility, as well as who are the third parties whose actions, from the beginning, greatly affect this case. What are their motives? Just humanity, or something else, “the statement said.

Everything that is undertaken, as it is pointed out, will have only one goal, for Marijana (10) and Marko (13) Dačević to grow and develop in the best possible environment for them.

From the Center for Social Work in Blace, on March 5, they came to take the children Marijana, 10, and Marko, 13, who have been living with their immobile grandmother Ljiljana D. for the last year since their mother’s death.

15 days ago, Ljiljana D. reported her son, the father of the children, that he had come and mistreated them.

As she stated to the media, the father knew how to abuse the children before, and after several of her reports, the police finally went out on the field and ordered him to be banned from approaching.

After that, as Ljiljana told the media earlier, officials from the Center for Social Work came and said that they would take the children.

She added that she will never be separated from the children, and that the children cry all day.

In the meantime, Ljiljana submitted a request for custody of the children, and according to the law, until the court grants the same, the children should stay where they are.

Yesterday, a video appeared on YouTube, which shows that employees from the Center for Social Work Blace came to Dačević’s house again to take the children, trying to physically pull one of the children out of the house who resists.

The Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans’ Affairs and Social Affairs last night condemned the treatment of children from the Center for Social Work in Blace towards children from the Dacevic family and announced that it would examine the treatment of workers from the Center for Social Work in Blace and take appropriate action. more.

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