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LIVE SUPERLIGA: Feronikeli – Arbëria – Latest News

LIVE SUPER LEAGUE: Feronikeli - Arbëria

April 27, 2021 – 16:14

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The Superleague does not rest this week either, as today (Tuesday) the 31st week has started with an interesting match.

In the stadium “Rexhep Rexhepi” in Drenas, Feronikeli and Arbëria will face.

Both teams had a good start to the season, but now have a similar goal, as they seek to remain in the Super League.

We will keep you informed of any result changes.


Feronikeli – Arbëria 0: 0

57 ′ Hyseni (Arbëria) is punished with a yellow card

56 Mil Substitution to (Feronikeli) entered Milickovic instead of Thaqi

51 ′ Kryeziu (Arbëria) endangers the gate of Smakiq, luck for Feronikeli that the ball ended up over the gate

50 ′ Simonovski (Feronikeli) gets a good ball from Hoxha, while his header ends outside the goal

– Start the second part

– The first part closes

41 ′ Lekaj (Arbëria) benefits from the mistake of the opposing defense, but that his attempt was very close to the gate

38 ′ Hoxha (Feronikeli) shoots from inside the area, but his attempt ends above the goal

36 a Protest from the players of (Arbëria) demanded a foul, but I do not think so the referee

33 ′ Hoxha (Feronikeli) tries to avoid the free kick, but the ball is blocked by the wall of Arbëria

31 ′ Protests by the players of (Feronikeli), ask for a penalty but this is not the opinion of referee Murtezi

17 ′ Hoxha (Feronikeli) is released quite well by the opponent, but his shot towards the goal was sluggish

13 ′ Simonovski (Feronikeli) seriously endangers the gate of Kaçi, after a cross by Da Silva

07 ′ Simonovski (Feronikeli) after a cross by Hoti inside the area, tries to score but the ball ends up over the gate

05 ′ Hoti (Feronikeli) is blocked by a header from Pira

– The match starts

Official formations:

ferronickel: Smakiqi (GK); Loshi, Dabiqaj, Lladrovci, Thaqi, Hoti, Malaj, Bojku, Da Silva, Simonovski, Hoxha. Crypto trainers: Klodian Duro

Arbëria: Kaçiu (GK); Arrabal, Zabërgja, Bahtiri, Marclei Santos, Avdulli, Kryeziu, Ibrahimi, Bruqi, Pira, Lekaj. Crypto trainers: Ali Osmani

judge: Shpëtim Murtezi, Fatlum Berisha, Bujar Selimaj, Valbon Hoxha


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