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Minister Vulin: Whereas Aleksandar Vučić leads Serbia, Srpska will all the time have the assist and assist of the Republic of Serbia


– After the harmful, wrong and malicious decision of Valentin Inzko, the decision by which he tried to take revenge on all the peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina, what was expected happened, destabilization of BiH occurred, significant disturbance of all political factors in BiH and of course is to make Republika Srpska feel very threatened. Imposing the truth is never possible and is simply not something that should be done in any way – said the Minister of the Interior Alexander Vulin in Zvornik.

– Last night I talked with President Vučić until late about everything that is happening in BiH and after this harmful and wrong decision of Valentin Inzko, and I expect that President Vučić will invite political representatives of Serbs from Republika Srpska to Belgrade to see each other, to talk, to analyze everything that is happening together and I believe that they will make decisions that are good for our people, but also good for all the people who live in this area. I do not know what the conclusions will be or when it will happen, but I know one thing – Republika Srpska will not be left without the support of the Republic of Serbia. While Aleksandar Vučić is leading the Republic of Serbia, the Republika Srpska will always have the support and help of the Republic of Serbia – said Minister Vulin.

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