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Montenegro demands release of Kosovo citizen arrested yesterday in Gazimestan – Latest News

Montenegro demands the release of its citizen arrested yesterday in Gazimestan

Kosovo Police yesterday arrested a person in Gazimestan as part of the annual rituals of Vidovdan, which was attended by about 1,000 Serbs from Kosovo, Serbia and other neighboring countries.

As the Police reported today in the 24 hour report, it is said that the arrested person is a citizen of Montenegro, while the reason for his detention is that “he made nationalist calls and incited hatred”.

“In connection with the case, the above-mentioned suspect was arrested and sent to the police station. “After the interview with the decision of the prosecutor, the suspect was assigned the measure of police detention for 48 hours”, it is said in the notification of the KP, reports Zeri.info.

The state of Montenegro has reacted to this arrest.

It was the Prime Minister of this country, Zdravko Krivokapi., Who asked the Kosovo authorities to inform him whether he was arrested and why the Montenegrin citizen was arrested during the celebration of Vidovdan in Gazimestan.

“The media have published a video recording where KP forces, using force, arrest a young boy who is said to be from Podgorica. “We are asking the Pristina authorities to tell us if and why our citizen was arrested and that, if he is not the perpetrator, he should be released immediately,” Krivokapic wrote on Twitter yesterday.

In addition to the Prime Minister, there was a reaction from the Democratic Front, the pro-Serbian party that leads the government in Montenegro, which asked the Montenegrin government to demand “from its partners from Kosovo” the immediate release of Risto Jovanovic, arrested yesterday in Gazimestan.

“Jovanovic defended a nun who was abused by these bandits in Gazimestan. “If the Montenegrin government remains silent about this scandal, and if Jovanovic is not released immediately, the FD will organize protests in front of the premises of the so-called state of Kosovo in Podgorica,” reads the reaction of the Democratic Front party.

Further, this party says that this case has shown that “we were right when since 2008 we fought not to recognize this false state at any cost”.

“Then, the DPS government stabbed Serbia and the Serbian people in the back and encouraged Albanian extremists to continue terrorizing our people,” the party said.

The pro-Serbian party that leads the government in Montenegro added: “We would not be surprised if these rapists, who mistreated the nun and kidnapped Jovanovic, received the vaccines donated to them by the Montenegrin government.”

Every year in Gazimestan, the Serbian Orthodox Church, as well as Serbs from Kosovo and the region, celebrate Vidovdan on June 28, to commemorate the “suffering of Serbs in the battle of Kosovo in 1389” against the Turkish army.

It was exactly June 28, 1989, when in Gazimestan, the former president of Serbia, Slobodan Milosevic, delivered a speech in front of tens of thousands of Serbs, where he declared that he did not rule out “armed battles”.

Milosevic’s speech was seen as a warning of the wars that followed in the 1990s in the former Yugoslavia. / Voice

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