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SHOCK correspondence between mom and sophistication trainer STUNNED SERBIA: I’ve by no means prayed to anybody in my life such as you do now, whenever you need the whole lot is feasible!

“Please see with the biology professor to conclude for child 5. Yesterday we saw in the electronic diary that the professor concluded 4. We were counting on that five, she said she would give it if you talk to her. The biology student has 5, 5, 4, 4 in the second semester. Please talk to the biology professor, “the mother appeals, but the wish list does not end there.

He then appeals to the class teacher to talk to the French teacher, and then to give the fifth grade to the student himself.

“With a grade of five in computer science, French and biology, he would be excellent,” the mother goes on to explain, explaining what led to the drop in grades.

The class teacher notes that the situation is not as the mother describes it, so it is justified:

– I said that one grade will not be a problem, I can’t arrange four grades for him – says the class teacher.

“Anyway, I haven’t prayed to anyone in my life like you do now. Obviously you don’t want to meet. We all know that when you want, everything is possible, of course if you have the will. We went to school too. Thank you for everything.” , the mother said ironically.

To this, the answer follows:

“Yes, you’re right, I didn’t have the will to answer for him and to answer from all the subjects he didn’t even want to try, and I’m just rubbish that I don’t want to give him five grades for success, let it be my fault for its success “.

Twitter users, logically, have no words of praise for the worried mother.

– And it can be seen that my mother does not distinguish between the verbs praise and fail, they probably gave her grades as well.

– Not to mention that the online classes additionally damaged the students, that they were looked through their fingers in all ways and that the parents paid the teachers en masse for the children to do online tests for 5. Those who could not do it themselves instead of the children.

– Without a shred of shame or awareness of how much damage he inflicts on his own child, horror … My stomach rises from the levels of poltronism and dragging the teacher into the first four grades, and this is a special circle of hell … – tweeters write.

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