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Mufaku: Recognition by Israel of diplomatic victory, embassy in Jerusalem could have consequences – Latest News

Mufaku: Recognition by Israel of a diplomatic victory, the embassy in Jerusalem could have consequences

The historian Muhamed Mufaku has considered the recognition of Israel by Israel as a diplomatic victory of Kosovo, but considers the establishment of the Kosovo embassy in Jerusalem problematic, which could bring consequences.

“This recognition that came to us at a very delicate time was good news, because it pleased Kosovo as a whole because we were in a very delicate phase almost in a political stalemate,” said Mufaku in Klan Kosova.

“With international recognition, especially with other commitments that there are two positive – negative sides, in other words it means Serbia oh god for something we pledged not to compete where it should in organizations, this only for an important recognition of which has been long awaited. “

However, Mufaku considers this recognition as a victory for Kosovo diplomacy, but he also sees it as a victory of the current Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

“It is very important for Mr. Netanyahu, precisely because Israel is going to the polls for another two weeks, and therefore for the fourth time in two years because, as we know, it is not a secret, Mr. Netanyahu has accusations and has two options: either to win the election and remain immune, or straight to jail ”.

“He was in great need of a ‘diplomatic victory’ bag, so he can be proud that he brought the embassy of the first Muslim country in Kosovo. This is heard completely differently in Israel, and differently in Kosovo “, he added, considering very important the context around the establishment of the Kosovo embassy in Jerusalem.

However, Mufaku says the decision for Kosovo to set up an embassy in Jerusalem could have consequences for what Kosovo needs to prepare for.

“Let’s be real. To distinguish between the recognition and the establishment of the embassy in Israel are two different actions here, we have all welcomed the first action, that victory for Kosovo, the recognition and establishment of diplomatic relations, this is entirely in the interest of Kosovo.

“On the other hand, we have another decision [vendosja e ambasadës] with consequences that we must prepare for today from those consequences. “So they are two completely opposite decisions.”

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