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Muhaxheri invites VV to the “field of the field”: See you in the elections – Latest News

Muhaxheri invites VV to the

The mayor of Peja and at the same time the deputy chairman of LDK, Gazmend Muhaxheri, said in the show Pressing on T7 that he is the favorite for the local elections in Peja.

He said that local elections are different from elections at the national level.

VV won the parliamentary elections with over 50% in the city of Peja, while Muhaxheri had won the local elections in 2017 without a runoff.

“VV won in Peja, but in the local elections I am the main favorite,” he said.

He also challenged other parties to come out on the “field of the field”.

“See you in the elections”, Muhaxheri added briefly.

Muhaxheri has been the mayor of Peja for two terms. He won the first local elections in 2013, and the second in 2017.

He further did not deny the possibility that Agim Veliu and Haki Rugova will run again in their respective municipalities if they receive the necessary votes and the support of the Presidency of the LDK Council./Express/

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