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A billionaire from Japan, earlier than touring to the moon, would first “leap” to the Worldwide House Station

Maezawa booked a ride to the moon with Mask’s “Space Ex”, but, as he announced on Twitter, the plan is to visit the International Space Station (MSS) first.

He paid for two seats in the Russian capsule “Soyuz” and embarks on a 12-day mission in December with his assistant and a professional cosmonaut.

“I’m so curious … What is life like in space?” I plan to discover it personally, and share it with the world, “Maezawa said.

The rich man from Japan will be the first person to pay for his trip to the space station after more than a decade, and the organizers of the mission refused to announce the costs and the price at which Maezawa decided to travel to MSS.

From 2001 to 2009, seven tourists went to MSS.

When it comes to traveling to the moon, Maezawa embarks on that adventure in 2023, with eight more passengers being selected in a special competition.

Maezavi, 45, who is the founder of a retail chain of clothing stores, will be joined by photographer and assistant Jozo Hirano.

They will be accompanied by Russian cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin, who spent almost a year on the space station in two separate missions. The launch is scheduled for December 8 from Kazakhstan.

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