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Musliu does not receive a response from Mehaj, demands his dismissal – Latest News

Musliu does not receive an answer from Mehaj, he demands his dismissalPhoto: Laura Hasani

After PDK MP Ganimete Musliu did not receive an answer to the questions she posed to Defense Minister Armend Mehaj, she demanded his dismissal.

According to Musliu, a minister who does not know what a minister is does not have what he wants.

“Deputies, please at least ask Vetëvendosje to dismiss Minister Mehaj. A minister who does not know what a minister is for “, said Musliu.

In the session that is being held in the Assembly, Musliu asked Mehaj why the husband of President Vjosa Osmani was present in the exercise of the KSF together with the American army “Defender Europe 21”.

“What military rank does the president’s husband hold? When he was invited and how many trainings he attended. Was there an invitation to participate and by whom. If he was invited as the president’s husband, why did he wear the KSF uniform “, are the questions posed by Musliu.

Further, she asked Mehaj whether all this is a violation of military protocol.

“Is this violation by the president for individual interests”, said Musliu.

While Minister Mehaj said briefly that he will not answer such a question, because according to him any attempt to undo the success of the KSF harms the country.

“Every attempt to undo this success harms us and does us no honor. “I do not want to be released and I do not have to give an explanation”, Mehaj replied.

Prindon Sadri’s participation in “Defender Europe 21” had aroused criticism, but the Presidency had justified such a thing by saying that he is a military member of the reserve component of the Kosovo Security Force and holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. / Voice

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