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Nearly 100 thousand citizens receive the antiCOVID-19 vaccine, the mass vaccination starts on Tuesday

The vaccination process is still going on in the “October 1” hall in Prishtina.

250 people have been vaccinated in this room until noon, while 650 vaccines have been given in the country.

The coordinator of this vaccination center, Niman Bardhi said that the total number of vaccinated from the beginning until now has reached 99 thousand.

According to him, mass vaccination is expected to begin on Tuesday at the national level.

As you can see today, the vaccination process is continuing in the “October 1” hall.

Also at the country level.

Currently in the hall “October 1”, so far we are reporting, we have vaccinated 250 people, while if we talk at the national level, so far we have over 650 vaccines given, but if we refer to the total we have already achieved to 99 thousand vaccines applied nationwide…

“For the mass vaccination process, from June 15 we start completely at the national level”, he said.

Citizens invited for vaccination are currently receiving two vaccines against COVID-19, Pfizer and AstraZeneca./Telegrafi/

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