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Next week Kosovo receives a donation of 3510 vaccines against Covid-19

By the end of the month in Kosovo is expected to reach a contingent of 139 thousand vaccines, and the government announces that over 3500 vaccines will come to the country as a donation during the next week.

This Sunday was a day of rest in the hall “October 1” where people of advanced age were vaccinated bringing to over 56 thousand the total number of vaccinated against Covid-19.

Meanwhile the country government is constantly criticized for the small number of vaccinated.

However, the executive told RTK that next week they will receive another 3510 doses of the vaccine.

“We plan and expect that by the end of the month we will have a total of 139 thousand vaccines, so that the vaccination process is maintained without interruption and our goal of vaccinating citizens is met,” said Kryeziu.

According to him, the government also intends to buy vaccines and not just wait for donations.

Over 3500 doses of Pfizer vaccine against coronavirus at the beginning of this month came to Kosovo as a donation from the European Union.

Meanwhile, on Monday, 500 workers who were vaccinated in Kukës on March 20 and 21 are expected to appear in the “October 1” hall to receive the second dose of Astra Zeneca vaccine.

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