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One-month detention of the foster canine who killed Vladan Radosavljević

Detention of suspect V. M. it was determined so as not to influence the witnesses, Tanjug states.

The Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade previously announced that V. was questioned at the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Mladenovac. M. (50), who stated on that occasion that she did not admit to the crime.

After that, the prosecution proposed to the judge for the preliminary proceedings of the Basic Court in Mladenovac to order the suspect into custody so that she would not influence the witnesses and because of public disturbance.

According to the indictment, the suspect is charged with the criminal offense of a serious crime against general safety committed through negligence, which is punishable by one to eight years in prison.

According to the criminal complaint, V. M. was in charge of Velika Ivanča in the courtyard of the house of M. S, who is on a temporary job abroad, visits and feeds three mixed-breed dogs.

It is suspected that on January 4, around 9:30 a.m., she fed the dogs, but did not lock them in the metal box intended for their accommodation, but left them to walk freely in the yard.

Since they were unsupervised, the dogs came out to Meljansko brdo bb street and around 12:30 p.m. they attacked journalist Vladan Radosavljević and bit him on the lower extremities, as a result of which died on the spot.

After that, the dogs also ate his wife O. R. who suffered minor injuries, after which she was placed in the Emergency Center.

Then V. appeared on the spot. M. tranquilized the dogs and closed them in a metal box, which was later taken over by the animal hygiene service in the presence of the police.

It was found that the dogs were not properly tagged but were wearing collars with M’s mobile phone numbers. S. and her daughters.

Otherwise, against M. S. is already undergoing criminal proceedings before the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Mladenovac on suspicion that she committed the criminal offense of causing general danger, i.e. because the same dogs attacked the girl and caused minor injuries to her on November 1, 2022, in the village of Nemenikuće in Sopot.

V. M. was detained on Thursday by order of the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgradewhich immediately ordered the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Mladenovac to investigate all the circumstances of this event, as well as to perform an autopsy on the late Radosavljevic.

The dogs that bitten the journalist Vladan Radosavljević were placed in the “Veterinary Belgrade” quarantine where they will be under observation for a month after which, according to the director of that institution, Budiimr Grbić, a judgment will be made as to whether they are naturally aggressive dogs.

As experts point out, prevention and education are needed to prevent such cases. They order to you shouldn’t be afraid of dogs, but of irresponsible owners.

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