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Over 30% of the world’s tree species are in danger of extinction – Latest News

Over 30% of the world's tree species are endangered

At least a third of trees of various species worldwide are in danger of extinction, according to a study.

This five-year study by the Botanical Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) on 60,000 tree species found that 30% of them (17,500) are in imminent danger of extinction.

This danger includes the Menai tree, found only in North Wales, of which 30 wild trees remain. At least 142 such trees have so far been recorded as extinct.

According to the study, which was compiled by more than 60 institutional partners such as botanical gardens, forestry institutions, universities and over 500 experts, 58% of native European trees are threatened with extinction. Whitebeams and Rowan are the most endangered trees in the region.

However, the country with the largest number of endangered trees is Brazil. The Latin American nation numbers 8,847 tree species, the highest number in the world, but about one-fifth (1,788) are endangered.

Indonesia and Malaysia are both among the top 5 biodiversity countries in the world with 5,716 and 5,422 tree species respectively. Nearly 25% of them are threatened.

The study says climate change is the main problem. Changes in temperature and weather mean that many trees endanger suitable habitats to grow. At least 180 species of trees are directly threatened by rising sea levels and severe climate events.

The loss of trees is considered worrying above all by the essential role that forests play in the world ecosystem. They provide habitat and food for millions of species, including animals, plants and microorganisms.

Paul Smith, the general secretary of BGCI, described the study as a call from the trees that need help to the whole world./euronew.al

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