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Police action as in the movies in Tirana, “Benzi” escaped from the hands, the police stretch the journalist – Latest News

Police action as in the movies in Tirana,

An anti-drug operation at noon today in the area of ​​”Tomb of Bami” in Tirana ended with the detention of a journalist for a moment, after the target, who was suspected to be a trafficker distributing narcotics, escaped, even endangering the life of one of the agents of police.

“Open the door, open the door more, o by * hq * r, open the door” are heard the agents who address the driver of the car type “Benz” to get out, but he gives the gas leaving quickly.

A citizen managed to film the whole scene from the moment when the police stopped the driver of the car, who did not obey to open the door, fleeing to the lying on the ground of NEWS24 journalist Ergys Gjençaj who was filming the operation.

Afterwards, the officers passed to the citizens, while a resident of the area was heard saying “do not touch me with your hand”. No arrests have been reported since the operation./abcnews

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