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Press On-line :: Chronicle :: TERRIBLE AND DISGUSTING DETAILS OF LAZAR VUKIĆEVIĆ’S MURDER! Belivuk’s ‘troopers’ as murderers from HOROR MOVIES: Harassed the sufferer till she died

13. 09. 2021.

TERRIBLE AND DISGUSTING DETAILS OF THE MURDER OF LAZAR VUKIĆEVIĆ! Belivuk’s ‘soldiers’ as murderers from HORROR MOVIES: Harassed the victim until she died – ‘LET HIM SUFFER THE MOST!’

Veljko Belivuk (36), aka Velja Nevolja, asked the members of the clan to be especially cruel to Lazar Vukićević (31) in the house of horrors in Ritopek, saying: “Let him suffer the most.”


And they were, according to the testimony of associate witness Bojan Hrvatin. Srdjan Lalic (36), the fifth defendant, who according to the indictment participated in all five murders charged against the clan, allegedly crossed Vukicevic’s body with an iron, and Milos Budimir (37), the third defendant, who also participated in all the mentioned executions, he rammed a wooden broom handle into his anus. After that, according to further accusations, together with Vlado Draganić (47), who is also charged with participation in all five murders, they forcibly pushed a rubber hose into Lakićević’s mouth, released water and thus killed him.

Vukicevic arrived at the house in Livadice armed with a gun and Budimir broke his finger in the confrontation with him. Correcting him, he cut himself. He knocked Vukicevic unconscious with a blow to the head, after which he was transferred to a “bunker”.


What happened there is revealed by the communication conducted via encrypted telephones from the evening of October 14, 2020, which the Special Prosecutor’s Office received through international legal assistance. At 7.50 pm, Budimir painted Vukićević alive. Seeing the picture, Marko Miljković (30), who was marked with Belivuk as the leader of the clan, was satisfied, and Belivuk asked: “Let him suffer the most, everyone who can.”

– And don’t do much on the head, mostly on the body, but this time give 102 percent of yourself. So thank you, thank you to heaven. We are sorry that we could not do two actions at the same time, here we are, brother, we did three, so here you are, please, from the heels, and give it to us on the phone, let him, when you go, let’s send him a message, brother… – said the man whom Miljković named as Soprano. During the investigation, it turned out that it was Belivuk’s nickname on the Sky application.

At one point, Miljković asks if “Laza (Vukićević) is still angry or angry”.


– Brother, I don’t know what it is, I beat him so hard that he can’t talk, and I stared at him with a ballistole (weapon cleaner), so I pushed the handle of the broom into his ass, brother, because he shot next to me, that is. . he wanted me, but luckily he didn’t. Do I want to eat everything for him – Milos Budimir answered him.

Miljković then commented that “this is a victory” and that you should remember that date.

– E Lazo, moron, listen now like this, we will bridge everything with you, now, when we kill you, we will kill your dad, then we will kill your brother and everything you ever knew and loved, so your dad and brother will arrive quickly. Come, Soprano, and you tell him what’s up, I fucked your mom for everything, you cunt – said Miljković, after which another voice entered the conversation.


– Well, here’s Boar, buddy, where are you, Lucky, who the “gravediggers” are going to smoke houses, now you’re going to see how the house is smoked. Listen, you know that they will beat you so much, that means that you beg to be killed, and you are lucky that we are shouting at these stupid Montenegrins here, so we can’t, because we are already ready to jerk off the house from Pljevlja to Belgrade and we put it in your eye, so that it dies, it stinks of gypsies, we will kill you all, everything, everything, so we are sending your dad and brother expressly – said Belivuk.

Later in the evening, Belivuk appears once more, with the desire to thank him and to convey to him, as he said, more impressions, to! Feed the ego a little. “Budimir then tells him, among other things, that Vukicevic would tell them,” that entered the garage, killed like rabbits “.

They were saved by the fact that he had to get out of the vehicle, which was high, in front of her. The shot that was fired later during the physical confrontation did not hit anyone. He touches again on the fact that “Lazi was stabbed in the ass.” At one point, Belivuk asks Ares (Budimir) not to skip “those juicy details”.


– Start from the beginning, brother, imagine you start a book of 500 pages, and you read from 347, it’s not interesting, you have to start from the first. I know it’s hard for you, brother, but let’s enjoy it a little too – says Belivuk. – (…) Let’s start from the beginning, when he came in, he fired, you know, then we beat him, beat him, beat him, beat him, beat him and beat him, then he fainted, and then we took him inside, so I I squeezed his finger – said Budimir.

Belivuk replied that he had sent those details.

– I know that we then sent him our message and that he bravely said that he was not afraid of us, tell me, brother, did we drive fear into his bones like that – Belivuk was interested. He was mutilated, he didn’t know where he was, he didn’t need to be questioned, some money could be taken from him – Vlado Draganić joined the conversation.

– Well, we’re not in the bone, but that’s why we’re in his lungs. We filled it with a hose of water, brother, he was drowning, brother, in the shallows – said Budimir.

– Small iron, the devil carries everything, don’t, slowly, wait a bit, be patient – Draganić added.


– Ha-ha-ha, we haven’t done that yet, who remembered that abomination. Leba ti, did he change the story to the end, just tell me if he was brave to the end, to hate him even more, or if he became a cunt before the end – Belivuk was interested.

– He would probably say something, but whoever ate him, he wasn’t with him, you ate him. He doesn’t even know his name, not something to say. He had a concussion of the cerebellum and cerebellum – Draganić answered.

– Brother, who will, whoever came to mind, strangle Barija (Srdjan Lalic), who can fall, in the shallows. And this one, he was lost, brother, he wasn’t brave enough to say he was holding on, he didn’t know where he was, brother. We tore it off a lot, brother, it was totally lost – said Miloš Budimir.

According to the communication, Belivuk could not regret that he and Miljković did not kill him. – And tell me why he died, whether from a beating or something that drowned him, whether the mast protruded from his ass while he was alive or dead, Belivuk was interested. – I did not attend the act, Draganić answered.

– Brother, he died of stress – laughing, Budimir added. Draganić, in response to Belivuk’s statement that “Canton” or “Bari” may be “fertilizing Laza”, said that he was “sexually abused”, and then ironically stated: “He is handsome, he is handsome, a model.”



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