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There was disagreement between the parties, there is no basis for postponing the elections

President Osmani in a press conference spoke about the meeting she had with representatives of political entities regarding the postponement of local elections.

Osmani says the NIPHK has recommended postponing local elections due to the pandemic.

However, she says the only way to postpone the elections is through consensus between the ruling and opposition parties.

“Despite the recommendations of the NIPH to postpone the elections, the prevailing opinion of opposition political entities was against the postponement of the elections.

“I think that this opinion can have consequences for the health of citizens”, she said, Telegrafi reports.

Osmani says that he does not agree with the opinion of the opposition subjects but he will respect this opinion.

“I will respect this, but by no means does it mean that I agree with this… Since there was no agreement between the ruling and opposition parties, there is not a sufficient basis for postponing the elections,” said Osmani.

The President says that the elections would be postponed for a maximum of two months, in order to give a deadline to the health staff to take the situation under control. / Telegrafi /

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