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Rama: Kosovo has entered a dangerous cycle – Latest News

Rama: Kosovo has entered a dangerous cycle

The Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama says that there is a conceptual disagreement with the Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti for the Open Balkans.

On TV Klan, Rama said that this initiative is a strategic interest of the Albanian nation.

Rama says he cannot accept the idea that Kosovo has left the table, while Serbia is present.

“We have a conceptual disagreement regarding the approach to regional policy. For me, the Open Balkans is a strategic interest of the Albanian nation. The Open Balkans is the implementation of the 4 EU freedoms. What has been achieved by our diplomacy with Belgrade, the President of Serbia has accepted the free movement of people as part of what we today call the Open Balkans. The Berlin process is exactly that, but it is much slower and depends on the European bureaucracy. We do not need to be collected. The Open Balkans is being supported very quickly by everyone. When we saw that the Berlin Process began to drag on. The thing I do not understand is this: there used to be a fight to sit at the table. Today Serbs are at the table and Kosovars are fleeing, this is unimaginable. “The Open Balkans is not negotiated, it is not discussed, this will be done”, declared Prime Minister Rama.

“Kosovo has entered a dangerous cycle”

Kosovo is sovereign to be against the Open Balkans, said Prime Minister Edi Rama, but according to him, it should not affect Albania’s foreign policy.

Rama says that Kosovo has entered a dangerous path by confusing foreign and domestic policy.

“Albania is sovereign in its foreign policy. It is advisable to coordinate the approach. I think we win the diplomatic war with a strategic approach like the one Albania has. Albini does not think so. Then it is sovereign to decide for Kosovo, but it cannot decide for Albania. I think that Kosovo has entered a very dangerous cycle of several years, turning domestic politics into foreign policy and foreign policy into domestic politics. And it has not prevented Serbia from continuing with its developments, nor is it advancing its own cause by making its international partners more and more nervous. In Kosovo, not today, but for years foreign policy has become domestic policy. “In order to get votes inside, an imaginary war was fought”, said Prime Minister Rama.

The head of government said that Serbia should apologize for the crimes in Kosovo, but according to him this should be done through politics and not by setting up barricades.

“Dialogue with Serbia is extremely difficult. But the atmosphere that should surround it can not be an atmosphere of barricades. “I think that Serbia should apologize and we can lead it to an apology, but we must be strategic and do politics.”

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