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Rapid increase in cases with Covid / From Monday doctors in Prishtina will work 12 hours

The Director of Health in the Municipality of Prishtina, Bujar Gashi, spoke about the situation with covid-19. He said the number of active cases had tripled in recent months, making it difficult to provide services in primary health care.

“In January we had about a thousand active cases and in February there was a greater opportunity to manage cases with Covid-19 but also to provide other services which are provided in primary health care,” said Gashi.

“But now two months, approximately three months later we have record figures maybe. About 3500 active cases in the capital. “Within two months we have managed to triple the number of active cases in the capital”, he adds.

“This is an increase in probability and greater opportunity to distribute Covid-19 because the greater the number of active cases, the greater the possibility of their distribution and the more difficult it will be to manage. of the situation in the capital “, he stressed.

Gashi has announced that from this Monday in all Family Medicine Centers in Prishtina will work 12 hours.

“We will not work in two shifts, but we will work in a 12-hour shift. “No citizen will be left without services”, said Gashi.

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