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Restrict austerity measures because vaccination can not stop this rush of infected

Infectologist, Hamdi Ramadani, has described the recent situation with COVID-19 in Kosovo as worrying, as over 500 cases have been registered during the last 24 hours alone and two people have lost their lives.

He called on the competent institutions to reinstate the austerity measures in the country, because as he said, vaccination and immunization at the moment can not help as it is a small number of them.

“These are worrying figures,” he said.

The large number of mass gatherings, with parties in restaurants and nightclubs, weddings and ceremonies, have made this possible and it has been expected when the situation in a country opens up.

The COVID-19 variant is very broadcast and has made its own, and it is expected that in the coming days we will be presented with more cases as the situation with anti-epidemic measures is open, we have no measures in terms of restrictions. , he said in Klan Kosova.

Ramadani added that the National Institute of Public Health should come out urgently with firm stances and decisions on how to stop this number of infected and that together with the Ministry of Health to take prompt and immediate measures because according to him, the situation can to go even worse and escalate the situation.

“Competent bodies to come up with concrete measures during the next 24-48 hours.

“There should be austerity measures, even with restrictions in the evening hours because vaccination can not stop this rush of infected people as the number of vaccinated in our country is small.”

“It is good to analyze the situation and those people who do not receive vaccines to be limited and tight. “But it is important that in the last two weeks this trend of increasing numbers is reduced and the anti-pandemic measures are reversed and become rigorous and harsh, because only in this way can the momentum be stopped”, he concluded.

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